Planned Development Zone

The Planned Development Zone (PD Zone), which governs the development of the site, was adopted by the City Council of Culver City in 2012 after a lengthy process involving community input. 

Specific goals of the PD Zone include (but not limited to):

  • Pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use transit-oriented development
  • Office, retail, restaurants, hotel, residential and parking
  • Place-making with creative design, site amenities and transit plaza 
    connection to shops and open space
  • Active, dynamic open space that communicates with surrounding uses
  • Regional destination connecting downtown L.A., the Westside & Culver City through multi-modalities, including light rail, vehicular and bus routes
  • Multi-jurisdictions including Metro, Culver City & City of Los Angeles
  • Improved streetscape design, sidewalks, pedestrian amenities & bike paths
  • Outdoor dining, seating and other structures that support retail
  • Encourage sustainable development and scalable design 
    that fits with neighborhood